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What's Fresh Now: August 2019

Sweet Corn

Our favorite end of summer crop is now in season! Get your local corn now from farmstands and farmers’ markets throughout the region. Head to to find some places to stop today!


It’s tomato season in the Catskills! A couple of tomato plants can produce hundreds of fruit, and keep you fresh in tomatoes from mid-summer right through to early-autumn. Looking for tomatoes? Search for local producers here, or for a farmer’s market here.


Did you recently pick up some asparagus from your local farmers’ market? Keep it in prime condition with this trick. Trim the cut ends, stand them in a glass of water, cover with plastic, and refrigerate (glass and all) for up to two days. What are some of your favorite tricks to keeping fresh veggies longer?

Duck / Quail

Looking for a way to delight and surprise your dinner guests? Add locally raised duck or quail as the centerpiece of your meal! Pure Catskills member such as East Durham Farms, Roam on the Range or Bonticou Ducks offers duck, while member Greenane Farms offer locally raised quail to make your meal!