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Joshua Nelligan
8A Waymen Drive
Otego, NY 13825
PH: (607) 644-0610
Wholesale Products:

Dried herbs and spices.

Christopher Wilson WURTSBORO, NY 12790
PH: (845) 459-5862
Wholesale Products:

We offer wholesale to wineries, cheese shops, butchers, boutiques and restaurants. We also offer custom labels for our products for events. We offer 4 ounce, 9 ounce and larger commercial sizes.  

Sonia Sola Dave Dutton
393 Peeters Road
Schenevus, NY 12155
PH: (607) 638-5758
Wholesale Products:

Grass fed lamb

Grass fed beef


Apple cider

Produce when in season

Fiber goods

Holly Bator-Dziewit
119 Binn Rd.
Stamford, NY 12167
PH: (607) 652-9221
Wholesale Products:

Wholesale inquiries are welcome :-) !

Denny Dorosky
251 County Highway 7
Otego, NY 13825
PH: (607) 988-4026
Wholesale Products:

Candles by phone order, e-mail , facebook or on Pure Catskills Market Place.

Ilyssa Berg
371 Mittedorf Road
Garrattsville, NY 13342
PH: (607) 321-3191
Wholesale Products:

Fresh chevre



Soft-ripened chevre

Caramel (Cajeta)

Dwayne Hill
450 Shaver Road
Harpersfield, NY 13786
PH: (607) 652-6792
Wholesale Products:

Maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, granulated maple sugar, maple mustard, maple bbq sauce, maple popcorn, maple peanut brittle, maple drops, maple lollipops

Sharon Soons
23 Soons Circle
Just off I84 & Rt 17M
New Hampton, NY 10958
PH: (845) 374-5471
Wholesale Products:

Apples  8/1 - 5/31

Cider 9/15-5/31

Peaches 7/20-9/10 (varies)

Summer vegetables  8/15 - 9/30 (varies)

Pete & Candice Kavakos
145 Garcia Lane
LEEDS, NY 12451
PH: (518) 622-3003
Wholesale Products:

Vegetables: June to November Herbs: June to November

Laurie Schmitt
7869 State Route 10
Sharon Springs, NY 13459
PH: (518) 284-2256
Wholesale Products:

Apple cider vinegar sold gallons and Sharon Springs Farm Girl vinegars sold in 8oz and 12 oz units, Black Current infused ACV, Doubleberry(raspberry and blackberry)infused ACV Blueberry infused ACV, Fired ACV (Tumeric, ginger, horseradish,jalapeno pepper, garlic, onion, lemon, rosemary, and honey), ACV and honey, Black Current infused ACV and honey, Doubleberry ACV infused with honey, Blueberry ACV infused with Honey, Garlic Infused ACV, Rosemary infused ACV, Ginger infused ACV , Ginger Honey Infused ACV