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Lenny & Angie Pieper
61 Conklin Road
Walton, NY 13856
PH: (607) 865-7597
Wholesale Products:

Creamline whole milk.

Joe & Jackie Evans
2400 Gladstone Hollow Road
Andes, NY 13731
PH: (845) 676-3284
Wholesale Products:

Wholesale Products

We also ship whole lamb carcasses to New York City twice a month throughout the year.  These have been processed in a USDA approved slaughter-house.  Please contact us for details.

Becky Kempter
6120 Main Street
Tannersville, NY 12485
PH: (518) 589-4143
Wholesale Products:

We offer wholesale prices of our produce to local restaurants and businesses.

Donna Dickson-Noonan Michael Noonan
2363 Bramley Mountain Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740
PH: (607) 832-4472
Wholesale Products:

Beef whole or half 


goat meat sausage

meat chicken half 

Patrick & Thanya Rider
196 County Road 10
Meridale, NY 13806
PH: (607) 746-8878
Wholesale Products:

Pasture raised Angus Beef, Passtured Chicken, Quail, Turkey, Goat, Lamb and Pork Available year round, deliveries to NYC twice weekly.


Carol Clement
989 Broome Center Road
Preston Hollow, NY 12469
PH: (518) 239-6234
Wholesale Products:

Lamb Animal Welfare Aproved and Certified Grassfed






Kelley Edkins
785 Main Street
Margaretville, NY 12455
PH: (845) 513-5411
Wholesale Products:

We off wholesale with a minimum order of $150.00 

George Cubillas
8 Green Avenue
Woodridge, NY 12789
PH: (845) 434-4334
Wholesale Products:







Phil, Susan & Charles Hurd
2187 State Route 32
Modena, NY 12548
PH: (845) 883-7825
Wholesale Products:

Hudson Valley Hurd Apples 8/15-4/16

Hudson Valley Hurds Pears 9/15-10/15

Hurds Family Farm Applesauce 4/15-12/15

Hurds Family Farm Apple Butter 4/15-12/15

Jodie Dawson
1577 NY State Route 17B
White Lake, NY 12786
PH: (845) 583-4082
Wholesale Products: